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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

From Our Home to Yours...
Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas and a 
New Year filled with Happiness and Many Blessings!!

Happy 2014!!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Furry Babies in the Snow...

It's cold, 4 degrees this morning, and we are expecting a high of 23 degrees today, but at least the sun is out.  Izzie and Emmi have differing opinions about the snow.  Izzie LOVES it, she runs through it, rolls in it, and isn't in much of a hurry to come inside.  Emmi, in her little coat, HATES the snow.  She stands at the door, looking up at me like she's asking why she has to go out there... She stays inside the path that is shoveled for her, or at least very near the path, and she rushes back inside as quickly as she can.  Although, as I've said before, if she sees a squirrel out there she would run after it and not pay any attention to the snow.  With her ears flying in the breeze and her feet kicking up the snow, she tries her best to catch those squirrels.  It's funny!!  The other thing she likes is when daddy is outside with them... They both love it when he tosses snowballs, they run and try to catch them as they break apart in their mouths, it's cute.  Emmi doesn't pay any attention to the fact that she's in the cold snow when she's playing with daddy!!  When it's this cold outside though, they can't be out too long, their paws can't take the cold snow too long.  I know they have doggie boots, but neither of our dogs would like that very much! lol!  Emmi is a good sport about her coat, but that's about all she would go for!

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