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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wedding Cake Toppers Featuring Our Beloved Pets!

Brides and Grooms, Wedding Cake Toppers, Groom's Cake Toppers, Special Wedding or Anniversary Gifts... Each of my wedding would be a wonderful personalized addition to your most important and special day.... Each becoming a special keepsake after the big day, to be treasured always!!  I'm happy to be featuring some of my newest designs here today!  Today I'm highlighting our Pets!  Our special fur babies who mean so much to us, and who bring us so much joy!!! 

I'll be posting more of my newest designs over the next few months, and I hope you'll stay tuned to see each of them.  Each one is an example of a wedding cake topper that I can create and personalize just for you!!  A whimsical likeness of you, of your pets, of your interests... I incorporate as much detail as I can, to personalize your wedding cake topper, making it a unique and one-of-a-kind piece especially for you.  A special keepsake of your very special day!  

Sending out a BIG THANK YOU to ALL of my AWESOME customers!!!  I appreciate each one of you!!!
Please click on the images to see more about each cake topper.

Brides and Grooms with their Pets!
A perfect way to include your fur babies on your wedding day!!!




 Or maybe just your pets by themselves...




All of my wedding cake toppers are designed and hand sculpted by me, based on pictures and descriptions sent to me by my customers, of wedding attire, hair color and style, eye color, etc.  Each are made with love, and great attention to detail.  They are listed in my Etsy Shop as examples of wedding cake toppers that I can create for you, for that very special day!!  They're toppers for wedding cakes, groom's cakes, and even anniversary cakes.  They are special keepsakes from such a special day, to be treasured always!  Each one, in their own unique way, represents the bride and groom... Who they are as a couple, their interests and hobbies, their pets... The possibilities for unique wedding cake toppers are endless!!!
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  1. It amazes me how many people want their pets on their Wedding Cake Topper. Maybe if I were getting married now, I'd want to have Penny Lane's likeness on my topper. LOL They are such cute little critters Trina.

    1. Thank you Mom!! I know, so many love to include their pets, and they are such fun to create! :)

  2. I love when people add their furbabies to their toppers...great work!

    1. Thank you Edi! I think it's fun when people add their pets too, really personalizes it, it's kind of a clay portrait of this special time in their lives!


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