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Saturday, September 18, 2010

That Picture Perfect Time of Year...

It's that picture perfect time of year... when the sun paints beautiful, vivid colors across the sky - both when it rises, and when it sets.  Our house is in the perfect spot for watching as the sky changes colors.  Our kitchen windows face the east, and the large living room window faces the west.

I can watch the sunrise each morning (providing it's not a "never ending" rainstorm) as I drink my cup of coffee.  A moment to enjoy before I rush off to work.  As I sit at the kitchen table and look out the window toward the creek, the bright pinks and purples peek through the trees and light up the sky.  Truly an amazing sight!  The temperature outside is cool right now, a bit of a chill in the morning air, and the trees are just beginning to turn colors.  I love to go outside and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the fall.  As I walk around outside, sometimes I can see the mist still laying just above the fields that surround the yard... the squirrels and chipmunks are scampering about, playing, and busily gathering food for the long winter.  Mornings are so quiet and peaceful in our back yard. 

After the busyness of my day, I love to come home and kick off my shoes... I can watch the sun set, while sipping a glass of wine, relaxing and unwinding from my work day.  The sky lights up in all different shades of  yellows and oranges.  It's a perfect time in the evening to go for a walk and enjoy the scenery around me!  There is a beautiful park here in Midland, with bridges that cross over the river.  The sunsets are spectacular from there too!  The colors, lighting up the sky and reflecting in the water... Breathtaking!

Before moving here, I always lived in a city - where there was a lot of hustle and bustle all around me... I've seen lots of beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the city too... but the season changes were not as defined as they are here.  I love the city, and I am really am a city girl at heart, but I can honestly say there is no feeling more peaceful to me, than being here to witness the sunrises and sunsets in the country... to see the colors of the trees, when they go from green to the gorgeous deep reds and golds... to feel the chill in the air, in the quiet peacefulness of our yard, as the seasons change from summer to fall! 

I really try to make the most of this time of year, because I know that lurking right around the corner is the harsh winter... beautiful, yes... but it's also freezing, and it can get quite dreary, and it lasts way too long!  That's when I feel like hibernating.  Who wants to venture outside to deal with that... well, I guess my son does, he loves the winter!  I look out the window in the winter - and I see snow drifts and I see ice... and I see no way out, because there's at least three feet of snow that has covered the driveway!  I long for the sunshine.  Winter is a lot of work, out come the snow shovels and the snow plows... are we having fun yet?!  Although, the very first snowfall is beautiful!  Very picturesque!  I must admit, the photographer in me will venture out to take that perfect shot, even if it is 20 degrees below zero!! 

I do live in a place where I can really appreciate the true change of seasons, and it is incredible...


  1. What beautiful pictures of the sunrise and sunset. I remember how I loved the seasons too when we lived in Connecticut, with the exception (just like you) of the winters. I wish I were there to experience the Fall weather and Mother Natures changing of the leaves.

  2. I know that you are a sunshine girl and those winters are hard for you, but I'm happy that you try and make the best of it. I bet there will be alot of creativity happening in your home during the winter!

  3. Diane, I sure there will be a lot of creativity happening!! And I sure am a sunshine girl :)


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