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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creativity Everywhere!

I had so much fun creating these three custom order cake toppers!!  One is a Wedding Cake topper, so cute... two little sheep.  The couple who purchased the sheep topper live in the UK.  I love how the internet allows people to easily purchase things from all over the world... and it's quite something to think that one of my little creations will adorn the wedding cake of  someone from another country!

The other two cake toppers were a unique idea... the couple wanted to represent their hobbies on the Grooms Cake - her hobby is photography, and he plays the guitar.  These two toppers took more time than I had anticipated, but I really enjoyed creating them.  I thought that I would share all these fun wedding cake toppers here on my blog.

Now that I am finished with these three custom orders, my ideas are flowing about what to create next... my mind, however, works faster than my fingers... That's probably a good thing - because if I ever get them all created, there will be absolutely no room for anything else in my house!  Clay creations everywhere!!  There are already many cute and whimsical clay creatures filling up lots of places in the house right now.  Good thing my family likes my work!  I have started, and nearly filled, an entire notebook of ideas taken straight from my imagination, and can't wait to start on the next one.  Etsy has been a great place to have a shop for showcasing and selling my items.  So many wonderfully creative, talented and helpful fellow artisans!

Today one of my fellow Etsy Shop Owners (Candles by Nature) included my Scarecrow on her blog!  She wrote about working a booth at her local Scarecrow Festival and it sounded like such a fun day.  I though it would be fun to share her blog here as well:

Candles by Nature: Scarecrowin' it Up!: "This past Sunday I worked a booth at my local Scarecrow Festival. What the heck is a Scarecrow Festival, you ask? Well, it's basically a har..."


  1. The people who are receiving these beautiful cake toppers are very lucky that they have chosen you as their personal artist. They are not only beautiful and unique, they will also be wonderful keepsakes for their family forever.

  2. Wow, those cake toppers are amazing! I am so envious of your talent! Thanks for visiting my blog and for linking to me on your post. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing all of the wonderful creations you share :)

  3. To: Candles by Nature, Thank you for your compliment on my cake toppers! Thanks also, for visiting my blog and following!


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