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Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Snowfall of the Season!

We woke up to the first snowfall of the season here in Michigan yesterday!  It was so pretty with the big snowflakes gently falling and a beautiful white blanket of snow on the ground.  Of course it didn't last ~ in fact, by the time I was driving to work in the late morning, quite a bit had already melted.  It's still very cold and more snow is expected in the next few days.  I only have the one picture to share so far.  This old barn is between the creek and our house and I have such visions of what that barn could be!!  I am dreaming of a day when I could set the barn up to be a workshop for Trina's Clay Creations.  I picture utilizing the loft and the main area... I could present clay workshops there, host childrens birthday parties (teaching basic techniques and having the kids create fun pieces of their own)... the ideas are endless!  But for right now, most see this barn as just an old barn, but I see it as full of character and potential!  Oh, the dreams of "someday"!!!

I have some beautiful pictures that I took last year, and I thought you'd enjoy seeing them.  I didn't have my blog up and running last year, so I never got to share these.  The first one is of the sunrise reflected on the snow, and that's the creek at the back of our property.  The middle two are shots of our back yard and front yard.  The 4th picture is one I took on my way to work, I always thought that was a pretty scene ~ no matter the season.  I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures.  Thank you for stopping by, and wishing you a great day!

The sunrise reflected in the snow

Our back yard

Our front yard

A pretty scene in the snow


  1. I am always amazed at your yard. It looks more like a park, especially in the summer. I love that barn too and it certainly would make a beautiful studio/workshop.

  2. Thank you!! And about the barn... keep dreaming!! :)

  3. Those photographs are magical!

    I am visualizing Trina's Clay Studio too!!!!! I am visualizing me and your mom spending time with you there.

  4. Thank you Diane! I am visualizing that very same thing! I would love to have you and my mom spending time with me in that wonderful "Trina's Clay Studio" Barn! :)

  5. Beautiful photographs and wonderful blog, your clay sculptures are also darling! Have you ever sculpted an alpaca? Come visit and find out about life on an alpaca farm http://alpacameadows.com ...

  6. Thank you so much Julie! No, never sculpted an alpaca... but I am going to check out your site. Thanks for sharing it.


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