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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fun Pictures!

I usually have two visitors each afternoon in my studio... Emmi and Izzie... And they are usually quite boring visitors as they sleep the afternoons away while I am working on my clay creations.  But sometimes they are so very quietly funny and entertaining, in the afternoons, in my studio!  I always have my camera with me in my studio and sometimes I capture some funny pictures of Emmi and Izzie.  I thought I'd share a couple today.

This is Emmi's bed...

Here's Emmi sound asleep in her little bed... 
Izzie is sprawled out beside her... 
They rest, I work!
Emmi got up and went into the kitchen to get a drink of water.  

Izzie didn't miss her opportunity!

This is big Izzie (75 pounds) 
trying to fit comfortably in Emmi's (11 pounds) little bed...
Izzie does have her own bed, but both of them seem 
to prefer the other one's stuff more than their own.
That goes for toys, food... Well, just about everything!

 And outside our babies are just as funny... 
Here's Emmi sitting right in the middle of our fire pit.
Emmi is a born hunter, always looking for little critters.  She heard rustling under the twigs in the fire pit and, wanting to explore further, she stepped right in to have a better vantage point.  Perched there, right in the middle of the fire pit, I thought it was the cutest picture.

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  1. how cute....pets make our lives, and work, so much fun.

  2. What dolls :) I love Izzie trying to fit on Emmi's bed :)

  3. It's fun to have little helpers! The picture of the big dog on the little dog bed is too funny.

  4. So dang cute! What would we do without our furry critters?

  5. My Goodness! How I laughed at seeing the picture of Izzie in Emmi's bed. She thinks she's a little dog doesn't she. I love the picture of Emmi sitting in the middle of the pit! So adorable!

  6. Ahaha! What cuties. I love seeing big dogs on small dog things.

  7. Izzie in Emmi's bed is just too funny! It's a case of "the grass is greener"!

  8. How funny! Even though they're sleeping, I suppose they are giving you moral support--or comic relief when you need it!


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