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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best Flexible Molds by Penni Jo

It is my pleasure to feature Best Flexible Molds by Penni Jo today.  For anyone who is looking for flexible molds to use for their polymer clay artwork, visit Penni Jo's website ~ It is a great place to shop!  There is a wonderful variety, from roses and doves to teddy bears and angels and much more.  There are tutorials on the site and even a video on "How to Use the Flexible Molds".  Click on the image below to visit the website:

I love her slogan:  "Push in Clay ~ Pull out Art"

You can also visit Penni Jo's Etsy Shop, Clay Lady's Original Designs, she has a nice selection of her flexible molds there as well.  Click on the image of her Hummingbird Mold, below, to visit her Etsy Shop:

PJ011 Hummingbirds and Trumpet Vine Polymer clay mold
I really enjoyed reading about how Penni Jo's artwork in clay began!!  Here is a bit about it, taken from her Etsy profle.

In Penni Jo's words:
"From childhood, I have loved art and have spent decades creating beautiful and intricate things. Since 1981, after discovering the oven baked clay called Fimo, I have been ‘playing in clay’ better known as sculpting. This new clay was a pleasure to use and the results are consistently delightful. Eventually I settled in on using this clay to make miniatures, doll house accessories, 1/12th scale hobby horses, carousel horses, children and teddy bears. I also began teaching classes at miniature conventions and was on the steering committees of two Miniature Conventions held here in Oklahoma City."

"The teddy bears grew to be my favorite line to sculpt and I soon began to expand the look of the tiny bears, putting them in settings and active poses, clothing them in costumes from many time frames. Southern and Summer Belle are from the Civil war period. Puddle Jumper is from the 50’s, Smokey’s Nephew is from the 60’s, and Gotta Try Again is from the 40’s. Eventually the teddy bears gained a following and evolved into the PenniBears, my own signature line."
In 1989, after seeing Penni Jo's work, Gary Clinton, president and CEO of United Design Corporation in Noble OK, called her and offered her a position as a designer/sculptor.

Click HERE to read about the exciting 'journey in Clay' that Penni Jo embarked upon after she accepted the position as a designer/sculptor...  You can also see Penni Jo's beautiful clay creations at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pennijo/

Penni Jo says:  "Life is Good"!!!  I love that... Life IS Good!!  :)


  1. Beautiful molds! I enjoy all the people you showcase - and I am assuming that the favor is returned for you!

  2. Like Like Like !!
    Really great molds PJ !!

  3. I love reading how Penni Jo artwork in clay began. I had to smile when I read your post today, because I featured Penni Jo today too.

  4. I have a bunch of PJ's molds. They are fabulous! Thanks for spotlighting a terrific person, Trina! xoxoxo


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