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Friday, April 8, 2011

Etsy Finds Friday - Tatjana Raum

It's **Etsy Finds Friday**
Today I am featuring the
 Incredible Sculptures
created by:
Tatjana Raum
~ Chopoli-Art ~

Tatjana Raum is an artist from Germany.  She says that since she can remember she has always been fascinated by expressive faces, which she tried to capture by camera or she painted them. The medium "sculpturing" which she discovered not long ago, enriches her life, and gives her endless possibilities.  

Her sculptures are amazing, such wonderful detail and expressions... Each one is an incredible work of art.  It is my pleasure to feature Tatjana Raum's work today.  Enjoy!

Fairy Layla 

Fairy Layla OOAK

Fairy Layla OOAK

Fairy Layla OOAK
The whole figure, inclusive of the base, is made from polymer clay. Her hair is from mohair and the wings are from real leaves. The eyes are painted and the color of the body is green based. The total size of her, including the base, measures 9.4 inches. She comes in two pieces (Base & doll).


Wooden Spirit Myrien 
Wooden spirit Myrien
Myrien is Tatjana's latest Wooden Spirit.
Here's what she says about the piece: 
"The size of the whole piece measures 7,5 inch. I use mainly wood and combine it with different materials. This bark piece my boyfriend picked from a tour on his bike in the mountain. Meanwhile my family is quite involved by collecting woods wherever they find a nice piece. I never asked them to do- but it is very cute of them. Thanks to you, my lovely family!!!"  

Tatjana also offers Fine Art Prints of sculptures she's created in her Etsy Shop.

8x10 Fine Art Print

Jasmin - 8x10 Fine Art Print by Chopoli
This is a digital photofusion collage of the original wooden spirit Jasmin, which was sculpted by Tatjana Raum.   

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥ Be sure to check out all the incredible sculptures in Tatjana Raum's Etsy Shop!  You can also see more of her wonderful artwork by visiting her website:  Chopoli - Art

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥ Thank you for stopping by for my Etsy Finds Friday post!!  Please stay tuned for next Friday's Find... It could be YOU! :)   

Happy Friday!!   


  1. I love Tatjana's pieces. They look so real.
    What a great Etsy Find!!

  2. Oh Marie, I agree, Tatjana's pieces do look incredibly real! She is quite talented! :) So glad you enjoyed my 'Etsy Find' today!

  3. Wow! She is an amazing sculpter. I dabble in minitures but never attempted a figure before. Her details are awesome, so real and lifelike. Turning her sculptures into fine artwork is also nice. Truly, great find in Etsy.

  4. Tatjana is an amazing sculpter Victoria, I think so too. I also like how she creates fine art prints from her work. Very glad you enjoyed!

  5. My cheeks starts blushing red- thanks for the compliments!!! It looks very nice the way you presented my work, Trina!!!! Thanks for that!! My work fit nice to your wonderful blog...
    Funny-I forgot what I wrote in Myriens listing! Only one week ago I asked my boyfriend: was that the barken piece you brought me from your tour?-lol
    warm regards,Tatjaan

  6. You are so very welcome Tatjana! It is my pleasure to feature your beautiful work! I am glad that you like the feature. Thank you!

  7. Tatjana's creations are awesome. She is a fantastic artist.


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