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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Important Prop for my Photographs...

First, before getting to the important prop for my photographs, I would like to share some great information with you.  My friend, and incredible polymer clay artist, Anita ~ of Melody O'Beau Designs ~ posted a two part series on her blog, highlighting her favorite polymer clay studio tools, gadgets and glues.  Both of the articles are filled with useful information and great tips for working with polymer clay.  I thank Anita for so generously sharing all this information with us!  Below are the links to each of her articles:


I have both of these bookmarked and I know I will refer to them often.
Thank you Anita!


And now I'd like to share with you the story of a very important prop for photographing my Wedding Cake Toppers...

I'd been talking about how I wanted to create a prop for photographing my wedding cake toppers for quite a while, months probably... Never taking the time to actually sit down and DO IT.  While my Mom was here visiting, she made sure that I took the time to make that happen!  I wanted to somehow create the top tier of a wedding cake out of clay.  After much brainstorming and suggestions from my Mom, we decided to go to Michael's ~ We love Michaels!!  Anyway, we looked around, got sidetracked many times, and then I thought, why not look in the cake decorating isle... So my Mom went right to the 6" cake pan and turned it upside-down and we both said at the same time, "That will work!"  I was certain that she wasn't going to go home until this project was finished!  My Mom ALWAYS knows how to keep on task and get things done.  I really do hope that I inherited some of that tenacity!!!    As she prepared the outside of the cake pan, covered it with white clay then stamped in a floral design, I created clay roses and rope to decorate the 'cake' ~ It was such fun working in my studio with my Mom!  I really appreciate her gently nudging me to make the faux cake tier.  It works perfectly for picture taking...

Yum... Now, doesn't that cake look good enough to eat?

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  1. your wedding toppers are so cute! and the cake prop looks amazingly real...

    sounds like you have a great mum! x

  2. I'll never forget the fun we had figuring out how to make that cake topper. We came up with some crazy ideas, but that pan was the perfect thing to cover with the white clay and embellish, plus it shows off your awesome figurines just as though they were on a real cake!!!

  3. ~Free Spirit, Thank you for your kind words!! :) And I'm glad to know you think the cake looks real!

  4. ~Mom, I won't ever forget the fun we had either!! :)

  5. KUDOS to both Sandy and Trina! What a gorgeous collaborative wedding cake photo prop. It's lovely and looks good enough to eat. It's the perfect setting for Trina's spectacular wedding cake toppers.

    Thanks so much for sharing my "Tools" blog posts. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to be able to share things that have made my life in the Poly Clay studio just a bit easier.

  6. that cake looks great. but then everything you make looks great.

  7. This is so perfect for your toppers! I love that it's also made of clay and I think it's great you and your mom got to work on it together :)

  8. Those are cute wedding toppers. Great work!


  9. TRINA - THIS IS AWESOME! It's absolutely gorgeous and how extra special that your Mom helped. Way to go!

  10. Thank you Anita, Debbi, Edi, Gail and Katie!!! I'm so glad to know you like the faux cake. I'm very happy to have finally made it, and I love the way it helps to show my wedding toppers too.


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