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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Halloween Birthday Cake Topper!

I just finished creating the cutest little witch cake topper and it's put me right in the mood for Halloween!  It was a custom order.  My customer contacted me a few days ago wanting a cake topper for her daughter's first birthday, which is on Halloween.  Unfortunately the first topper she was going to purchase fell through and she was a bit stressed about the time frame that it had left her to find a replacement... I feel so lucky, and honored, that she stumbled upon my Etsy Shop and liked what she saw there.  She described to me what she wanted for the cake topper, and even emailed pictures of her darling daughter, Sophia - and the costume that she will be wearing for her birthday party and Halloween.  She said she wanted a black cat, and Sophia's initial, "S" - I got to work on it right away and finished it today.  I emailed my customer a picture and am happy to report...

that she is very pleased with the way it turned out, as am I.  I really wanted the costume to look much like the one Sophia will be wearing, her mom said it's a "dead-on match," and that she feels like her daughter has been "immortalized in clay"  - so I really feel like I accomplished my goal for this one.  I am having so much fun with custom order cake toppers!  Really gets my creativity flowing!  I thought I would share the pictures of the topper, and a picture of the costume as well.  I created the cake topper on a 3" diameter base, and it's approximately 5" tall.

Sophia's Costume :)


  1. Very nicely done. I'm sure the little one will be pleased too!

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Trina, You are an incredible artist. This little witch is adorable.

  3. Thank you both, for your kind words on my clay work!! This was a fun one to create!

  4. Trina, I think your work is gorgeous and extremely appealing. You totally nailed that cute little witch. Sophia is going to treasure it her whole life and I think it will probably become a family heirloom. I went to your Etsy site and EVERYTHING there is so cute and wonderful. It makes me smile and I just want to hug it all. You have a beautiful smile in your picture and I'm guessing the you spread joy wherever you go. That joy shows in your work and that is what I think makes it truly outstanding....not to mention excellent craftsmanship....and super photography.

  5. I got sidetracked onto your site while googling for a book on Fimo characters & just had to say What an absolutely gorgeous little witch! Beautiful work and I'm sure Sophia and her mum will love her!


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