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Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Cold... Already!

My Niece's Horse
You know it's going to be a freezing cold winter when, on October 3rd, you have to wear two pairs of pants, a sweater, a scarf, a winter coat with a hood, and fur lined boots to go to a horse show!!  Of course, I have spent most of my life in much warmer climates... Arizona, California, and Texas - But many of the people at the horse show today, were just as cold as me... I think!  It was my niece's horse show.  Her team made it to the Regionals, which was held all weekend, and they did great!!  So great that they made it to State!  But up in the stands... we were just a tad bit cold!  Wearing our winter garb and wrapped in blankets, we cheered them on, as I wondered how they could stand the cold in their beautiful (but not so warm) riding outfits.  Feels cold enough, to me, for there to be snow on the ground.  I looked, but there was no snow - felt as though my eyes were deceiving me!!  What happened to the fall?  You know... the time of year when there is a chill in the air - with just a hint of winter on it's way?  Anyway, I was happy to be there, and to see her perform in the Regionals. Then I was happy to get into the car and turn on the heater!  I congratulate my niece and her team!  Way to go!!!

Even though the temperatures dropped low this weekend, it is only October... it's Autumn... and fall has always been my favorite time of year.  During this time of year, here in Michigan, the colors of the changing trees are just amazing!  Soon the trees will go bare, and I love to capture the vivid and brilliant colors before that happens.  I thought I would share some of the photographs that I've taken, here in Michigan, of the beautiful colors of fall. 



  1. I think you need to invest in one of those heaters that the ice fishermen use. Happy that Jessica and her team did so well. Her horse is beautiful, just as beautiful as those photo's you posted. They capture the beauty and the magnificence of Autumn in Michigan.

  2. You're right... I do need one of those heaters! Glad you like the pictures I posted!


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