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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lovin' The Weekend...

I spent some very productive and creative time in my studio this weekend, putting the finishing touches on these two adorable cake toppers.  My horse has always been a very popular item, so I thought I'd incorporate a little cowgirl with the horse, to create a birthday cake topper.  I also made a horse wedding cake topper.

Of course, I didn't start out with cake toppers in mind, I wanted to make something "Halloweenish" since the holiday is fast approaching.  Turned out my Halloween idea was looking more like a scary string puppet or ventriloquist dummy - rather than the idea I had in mind.  Although "scary" is the theme of Halloween, I am not too crazy about string puppets or those ventriloquist dummies!  Actually, for as long as I can remember, I've been quite terrified of anything that remotely resembles either one.  I am pretty certain this fear began when I was very young, probably 5 or 6 years old or so.  My dad gave me a ventriloquist puppet for my birthday.  It was big, probably bigger than me at the time... you know, like the ones that sit on your lap, with those big eyes that move, the mouth that opens real big, and all those teeth...  My mom told me that the minute my dad saw how scared his little girl seemed to be, he boxed it right back up and returned it!  I must have received a different birthday gift - I don't remember, but I certainly remember that puppet!  Funny how things like that from our childhood days stay with us, somewhere in the back of our minds - just living there unnoticed - until something we see brings the memory to the forefront of our mind.  That's what happened to me when I sculpted that block of clay!  Yes, these cake toppers are much cuter!  Now for some time outside... the weather is absolutely gorgeous today and a nice long walk sounds wonderful


  1. I miss your dad so much.....I so loved that man. I know you do too.

  2. I miss my dad so much, and I think of him every single day! So many wonderful and funny memories to hold on to... gone too soon.

  3. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. He was so excited about getting you that gift. He didn't expect that reaction from his little girl. He was sure that you would love it.

  4. I always loved it when dad picked out gifts for me, by himself... so sweet... picturing him looking for that perfect gift! I was just a little too young for the puppet, I guess. :)


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