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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Little Tree...

We have a tree that is right outside our kitchen window.  When we are in the kitchen, we can see the birds in the tree, building their nests, eating the birdseed we put out for them... We can see the hummingbirds fluttering around their feeder... Love our little tree and so do the birds.  Sadly, over the last two summers our little tree has been looking quite pathetic really.  First George cut the dead branches and it seemed to promote growth for the other branches... But this spring it didn't look too good.  We decided we would probably need to cut it down.  So George went outside with the chain saw, telling me he was going to cut it down, but instead he cut off more branches and this is how our sad little tree looks right now.  We know it'll have to be completely cut down, and we will plant a new tree in it's place, but I think George knows that I'm wishing it would come back...  

We are lucky though, we have a lot of trees in our yard.  Well, I think we are lucky... George thinks some are way too messy and difficult to keep up with.   Our Weeping Willow by our driveway, in the picture below, looks great this year... I love how it sways in the breeze.

Well, we thought that the farmer next to us was going to plant corn this year, but he didn't... So we can still see all the way across the farmer's field and our dogs love that.  Izzy loves to sit between our two little pine trees, (sitting watch at the edge of the field), I don't think she would have liked the corn, it definitely would have hampered her view!  

It's so cool, we get a new pine tree to plant each year when we recycle our Christmas tree at the nursery.  We go to the same nursery each year to pick out and cut down our Christmas tree and they give us a certificate to come back in the spring and pick out a little live tree.  We have four now, two in the front yard and then the two you see below that Izzy likes to sit between.  They sure look small next to those big black walnut trees!

Izzy and Emmi are enjoying the summer!  We are in the middle of a heat wave right now and we desperately need rain... But that doesn't stop either of them from wanting to play outside!  They like to run and catch golf balls when George is outside practicing his swing.  It's turned into a game now, and he'll just throw the balls out, and they run and fetch them, and then bring them back for more.  They love it and they can go and go and go, but it's too hot right now for too much of that.  Here's a couple of pictures of Izzy and Emmi at rest... Something you don't see all that often!  In fact, Izzy looks like she's about to take off in this picture!

Emmi and George
Right after I took this picture, Emmi was licking George and looking at him with those big eyes... Her way of asking to go outside... Of course George couldn't resist, can't say no to that face!


The other day I was driving down the road and I saw a baby horse romping around with his mother, it was the coolest thing.  I stopped by the side of the road and watched them for a while, they were so sweet.  I took a few pictures, but they didn't turn out so good.  The one below was the best of the bunch, so I thought I would share it with you. 

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  1. I am also always saddened when I see trees die, but more often I think of trees: "this one will be here longer than me"(even though I intend to stay around as long as possible! ha!)
    Cute dogs! Love the little horsie!

  2. I love your weeping willow! So gorgeous.
    Also, izzy and emmi are adorable! And I would definitely pull over to watch that adorable baby horse!

  3. Sorry about your little tree Trina, but I must say, the rest of your yard is gorgeous as ever. Great pictures, I love the one of Emmi and George.

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the weeping willow tree.

  5. Awww...the pony is SO cute romping around!
    And your Izzy and Emmi are cuties too :)
    That's so cool that you get a tree to plant each year!

  6. I still love the picture of the horses. It would be nice if they were closer to the road. I know how you feel. I live out in the country and I've been known to stop along the road to take some pictures. I also stop to get turtles to safety.

    Your pets are adorable! I know what you mean, they do have us trained well.

    We have two trees that we will be cutting down this fall. One just died completely, no leaves at all. The other one is getting too big and the yo yo that planted it (before we bought the house) did it on top of the septic! How dumb! It must come down before the roots ruin the septic.

    Always stop along the road for pictures if you have time!

  7. You have a really lovely property, Trina! I'm rather jealous. We wish we lived on an acreage someplace. I'm sorry about your little tree, but your willow is gorgeous! Oh, your dogs are adorable, too!



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