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Friday, June 29, 2012

Etsy Finds Friday - Art Cloth Dolls

It's **Etsy Finds Friday**
Today I am featuring the 
  Beautiful Art Dolls created by:
  Sherrie Meyer

In the Artist's own Words:
Hello to all. I live in Far North of Australia in a small town surrounded by rainforest and bordered by the Coral Sea. This is a beautiful setting that easily inspires magic and a need to create. I have loved playing with puppets and dolls since I was little. Having six children I could easily continue to `play' as time went by. I initially began making puppets for conflict resolution programs using puppetry to reach children in schools. It was not until a family trauma and loss that I began to make dolls as I went through my own therapeutic and transformative process. As things happen I left doll making aside and followed other paths. I have come full circle now working with children again as a counsellor using play and creative therapies. A dream job for a lover of puppets and dolls. And the best thing for me is I am inspired to begin creating dolls again!  I feel so honoured to be included on the Etsy site with other doll makers and I am having so much fun viewing all the wonderful creations. Thanks for sharing my story.

Daydream - art cloth doll soft sculpture fantasy
Losing yourself in the moment, dreaming of things to come...

The art cloth doll creation is 24 cm ( 9.5 in) tall and is dressed in assorted cotton and lace. Her body is soft needle sculpted with cotton knit material over a wire armature and filled with polyfill. Her head is crafted with handmade paper pressed into a hand sculpted clay mould and covered with cotton knit tricot. Facial features are painted with pigma pens, prisma coloured pencils and chalks.The dolls hair is made with mohair wool yarn and sewn and needled into her cloth scalp.The dolls hat is made from natural dye Aussie wool felt. The doll comes with her own stand; however she is just as happy sitting in a special spot where she can be easily posed as desired.

Guardian of the Heart - art cloth doll angel soft sculpture 
 Guardian of the heart 
This guardian angel has a tender strength that holds, protects 
and comforts the `hearts' in her care.

This cloth doll is 20 cm tall and dressed in cotton material Her body is soft needle sculpted with cotton knit material over a wire armature and polyfill. Her head is crafted with handmade paper which is moulded in handmade clay base, covered with cloth and painted. Light peach roving is used for her hair which is needled in to secure. Angel wings are constructed of cotton material. The heart and pink cloud seat are needlefelted with merino wool.  This doll can be gently posed as desired and then left in place. She comes with a soft cloud seat or she can sit easily on a shelf.

 Grace - art cloth doll soft sculpture
Through her intuitive friend Swan, Grace connects with 
the other world and her empathic transformation begins. 
Swan helps Grace cherish her inner beauty.

The art cloth doll creation is 31 cm tall and is dressed in assorted cotton materials. Her body is soft needle sculpted with cotton knit material over a wire armature and polyfill. Her head is crafted with handmade paper pressed into a hand sculpted clay mould and covered with cotton knit cloth. Her features are painted with prisma pens and coloured pencils. The dolls hair is made with wool yarn and needled and sewn into her cloth scalp. The beautiful yarn is sourced from Waldorfdollsupplies - a new Etsy shop. The dolls hat is sewn loosely to her head and made from new burlap decorated with white ribbon. Swan is needlesculpted with white, dark brown and russet roving over a wire armature. Swan is removable.
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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥  Click HERE to visit Sherrie's Etsy Shop and see more of her Conchy Gem Dolls and Art Cloth Dolls.

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  1. These are so pretty! And I love that she uses them for therapeutic aides as well!

  2. Such beautiful dolls. A very talented artist and I love the fact that she uses them to help children that are going through a difficult time in their life.

  3. What a sweet woman! And her dolls are so pretty. Wishing her a lot of success!

  4. These dolls are so detailed! I love their facial expressions!
    Beautiful work and talented artist!

  5. The dolls are beautiful! I particularly like 'Grace'. It must take a lot of skill to produce them!


    (you sew should)


  6. Thank you so much Trina. I am so honoured to be included in your Friday Feature. It is lovely that you are promoting artisans and I will be looking forward to each Fridays new find! Also thanks to all the lovely people who left encouraging comments about my dolls. It so inspires me...

  7. You're so very welcome Sherrie!! It is my pleasure to feature your dolls!! Your dolls are beautiful, and it's wonderful that you help others with your artwork!! Thank you for following my blog. :)

    Thank you to all my followers, I appreciate all of your comments!!

  8. Love the dolls. They have a pretty and sophisticated look.


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