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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Turtle and Toad and Deer...

Oh my... Nature is all around...  So glad I haven't seen any snakes in our yard yet!  But they sure are out there... Izzy and Emmi have found many, very happy that they were outside with George when they did!  Here are some critters that I did see...

A Deer...

It's so cool when the deer come around so close!

A Turtle...

My daughter Melissa was visiting us when this turtle came to visit... 
She held him so that I could get some shots to show how big he is.  
Much bigger than the little turtle George saved a few weeks ago.

 And a Toad...

This little toad is Emmi's friend.  He lives in a certain area of our yard 
and when Emmi goes outside she goes right over to that area, 
sniffs the toad as if she's greeting him and then goes about her business...  
Well, with a little prompting from us, 
we don't want Emmi and the little toad to come to blows!

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  1. Great Pictures of your wildlife Trina. You are so lucky to especially have the deer so close. They are such beautiful animals.

  2. Trina,

    Love the turtle pics especially, just wonderful.


  3. Wow! Great photos!! Its so cool that you have turtles in your garden :)

  4. the turtle and toad look a lot alike. At least their coloring is a lot alike. I love turtles! {:-D

  5. Incredible photos, Trina! Love the deer.

  6. Incredible photos, Trina! Love the deer.

  7. Your deer photos are amazing, today we have been chasing squirrels, I'm hoping I got some good pics!

  8. It's great to live where the wildlife live! We're the lucky ones, too. Great photos. You can see our deer on my blog.

  9. New follower! Thank you for following me as well!! :) What a sweet blog!!! :)

  10. The deer shot is great...love all the greenery around him/her :)
    And that's too funny about the toad making friends with Emmi!
    A lot of our turtles seem to be flat, this guy is rather round...interesting!


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