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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Can You Guess What This WAS?

Well, if you guessed it WAS an Owners Manual for our truck... You were correct!  The truck was parked near our barn, and not in use for most of the winter.  Looks as though some little (or BIG) critters got in there and found some very nice nesting material and/or food!  I'm sure we may just find nests under the seats, we have some cleaning up to do.  Destructive little critters aren't they?!!  Looks like some kind of giant took a great big bite out of it, doesn't it?!  LOL!    

Speaking of nests... We have had quite AWFUL weather here lately and the other day, with the nasty weather, came very strong winds... The next day we found this beautifully made nest on the ground, next to one of our trees.  Those poor little birds worked so hard to make a nice home, and there it was laying on the ground.  Still in perfect shape though, I am always amazed at how perfectly created nests are!  It's amazing really.

 Still NO blooms in our yard, but the birds are building their nests... 
A sure sign of SPRING!

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  1. Who would have thought that manuals were that multifunctional!

  2. I wonder if the critter can drive the truck now that he has digested all the information!! LOL

    So sad to see that nest destroyed. It was so beautifully made.

  3. I've always thought it was awesome that nests can be blown out of the top of a tree and land perfectly sound... especially when the creatures who made them don't have hands or thumbs.

  4. So that was an owner's manual, huh! Hope they didn't take a bite out of your seats! And I hope that nest was empty when it blew down... :)

  5. Trina, I was half expecting to see that you too had snow this week. Let's hope the birds have it right - I'm ready for some summer.


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