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Monday, November 1, 2010

An Interesting Walk...

George and I went for a walk along the creek at the far back of our property on Sunday.  I brought my camera with me, because he wanted to show me a really cool beehive that was hanging from a tree and  I thought maybe I could get a picture of it.  I am amazed at what the hard work of bees can do... looked like some birds were pecking away at the hive, so the inside of the beehive was exposed, leaving me the opportunity to get some great photographs of it. It's quite large, about the size of a basketball.

We continued our walk down the creek and saw so many interesting things.  Of course, the city girl in me came out, as I clumsily stumbled along, trying to avoid the branches and twigs.  I have to admit I am more partial to flat ground when I am walking... but it was fun just the same.  We saw petrified...

mushrooms that had grown out of trees that are now dead.  We saw old rusty farm equipment.  In fact, a tree began growing around one of the parts of the farm equipment.  Interesting how nature incorporates itself around man made things that are laying in it's path.  Critters build their homes and even create entire habitats in the things left behind over the years.

I took some photographs of a few trees that I thought had so much character.  I love old trees, the ones that are full of knots and are twisted from growing in different directions over time.  My dad always loved photographs of dead trees for that same reason.  They are interesting to look at, some still standing there, full of character, withstanding the winds and weather.

I thought the photograph directly above, looked like a face half smiling and half skeleton like... fitting for the day, since it was Halloween!  Anyway, we continued on our walk and saw wild turkeys and a lot of deer tracks.  We also saw some deep holes in the side of the bank of the creek, quite big holes, where some sort of good size animals are living.  We had a nice time walking along the creek, enjoying the fresh air and finding all kinds of interesting things to look at.  Love going for walks, we will have to get a lot more walks in - before that snow hits!  We will have to see how I do my second winter here... last year I spent much of my time hibernating!


  1. Your property is beautiful. That must have been a pretty busy beehive at one time.

  2. So enjoyed all the photos! Put some of those special lights in your studio this winter - that might help you through the gloom. Enjoy your visit with Melissa and have a safe trip back and forth to TX.


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