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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Prehistoric Looking Dragonfly...

I was just sitting here, looking through some photographs, listening to the wind and thinking that it's going to start snowing any minute now.  It's been very cold the past few days and yesterday we had light snow flurries.  It didn't amount to anything... but snow is definitely on it's way!

While looking through our pictures of warmer days, I came across some that my son had taken last summer when my daughter still lived here. We had spent a weekend at the lake, and one afternoon while we were out on our boat, we had a visitor come aboard.  A very prehistoric looking dragonfly.  As you can see from the first photograph, he's much bigger than the other two "normal" size dragonflies!  He sat for a while at the edge of the boat and then flew away, only to come back with his lunch... a good size bug!  He perched himself on one of the fishing poles and proceeded to eat his entire meal.  The activity on the boat (including our dog) didn't phase him one bit.  He took his time eating, and my son got pretty close to him to take these pictures.  At one point my daughter held up her hand to give some perspective as to how big he was... we were amazed - both at his size and at the fact that he stayed so close to all of us for such a long period of time.  When he was finished with his meal, he flew down to the edge of the boat once again and sat for a while.  That's when Emmi, our little dog, got quite curious about him and jumped up to get a closer look.  He didn't even flinch!  But we sure did... we moved Emmi away so that she wouldn't harm him. That dragonfly had been around for a long time, and we'd hoped that he'd live much longer.  Eventually he flew away... but we were glad to have had a very interesting visit from that very interesting dragonfly!

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Here's a link to read all about these very interesting dragonflies: 

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  1. That is one amazing dragonfly and it's colors are so brilliant. What great shots these are.

  2. I remember you showing me those photos when we were there - so glad you blogged them.

  3. Thanks Diane... So interesting, thought everyone would like to see the pics and read about them.


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