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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Sweet Custom Order...

I just finished the last of four custom orders that I had this weekend.  I wanted to share one of them, because it's just so sweet.  A customer's family dog (Sadie) had passed away this past spring and she wanted a figurine of her, to give to her mom for Christmas.  She sent me pictures... oh how cute Sadie was!  She also gave me a description of what she had in mind, and this little figurine is what I created for her. The toy in the bed with her was her favorite little toy, and her family always covered her with a blanket in the evening.  So sweet and caring!  She was a very loved little puppy!

All four Custom Orders I finished today

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  1. Trina,
    Sadie was adorable and I love how they would cover her up each night. What a great gift her owner is going to receive.

  2. Awww....that will be such a sweet reminder of their love pup. Great job on the sculpture.


  3. Perfect! Great job and great story. Mom will be overjoyed and cry. :D

  4. Mom, I thought that was sweet too, how they covered her up with a blanket in the evening!

    Dee, Thank you! I appreciate your compliment :)

    Moe, Thank you! It'll be nice for her to have a figurine of her beloved Sadie! Thoughtful Christmas gift from her daughter.

  5. How sweet! What a lovely way to pay tribute to a beloved pet. You did a wonderful job!

  6. Candles by Nature ~ Thank you!! And I do agree, it is a lovely way to pay tribute to a beloved pet. :)

  7. How very, very sweet. Oh my, this figurine will really touch her heart. Your sculpture is tender and touching.

    Penni Jo

    (Sorry for any confusion. I'm online using hubby's logon and don't know how to get to mine.)

  8. Thank you Penni Jo! I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing my sculpture of Sadie. Your comment is so sweet. :)

  9. What a sweet little dog Trina! I love those soulful eyes... wonderful job you did on this.


  10. Thank you so much Sharon! What a nice compliment! :)


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