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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

The holiday season is fast approaching and I have been feeling  inspired to create some Christmas Ornaments.  While I was visiting my mom in Texas last month I purchased some clear glass bulbs. Some are round and some are shaped like hearts.   I have all kinds of ideas... this little sheep was my first creation so far.  I thought it turned out kind of cute and full of whimsy.  I am also working on some canes, and was thinking it would be fun to cover the clear glass bulbs with the cane work.  We'll see how they turn out... we'll see if any are worthy of posting pictures of.  :)

I will be taking a bit of a break from creating for a couple of days though, because my daughter is here visiting!  She arrived last night and we are so happy to have her here!!  We will be pretty busy, packing up her stuff - getting her ready to move into her new apartment in Texas.  Thankfully, I will be kept very busy putting together my studio once she goes back to Texas... it'll keep my mind off how much I will miss her, how far away she is, and how quickly her visit here went by - because visits always do go by far too quickly, don't they?!  Once my studio is set up, then it will be back to playing with clay. :)   In the meantime I will enjoy my daughter... I will enjoy my family being all together!!!  "Precious Moments," to quote a very dear friend!

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  1. Trina, that ornament is so adorable. Enjoy your visit and I'll see you soon.

  2. Oh the little sheepie is so cute! Hope you enjoy the visit with your daughter. Maybe pack a special thing or two to remind her of home(make it a surprise) so when she unpacks she will find it. It may help make her unpacking once she gets to Texas just a bit more bearable.

    Have a great day,


  3. Mom - Thank you!

    Dee - Great idea... tucking something special away in a box for her to find when she unpacks!!


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