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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Nest Left Behind...

Getting ready for fall, cleaning up the yard, George found an abandoned nest... Little eggs never hatched.  I thought I would take a picture, I thought the feathers would make a cool photograph.  The eggs, however, they are a picture of nature that was kind of sad to see.  Then, as I walked back toward the house, there was a butterfly, so still, even though I was very close, not moving at all... Then she began to flutter her wings and opened them up beautifully.  It was great to get these shots of the butterfly!  Nature can be sad, and at the same time it is awesome!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures Trina. So Sad about the little eggs.

  2. Trina, what lovely pictures! It is weird with the birds this year. Their behaviour seems different. We keep a diary of the Swallows who visit our house each year and have been doing this for the past 11 years. They nest on the ledges above our front and back door. This year we have seen 2 abandoned nest, 2 babies falling out of the nest and not surviving... it has been a dreadful season.

    Glad the butterfly made your day :) It is a beautiful one!

  3. The butterfly is gorgeous...great shots!
    And the nest photos are neat too. The story is sad, but the photos are great :)

  4. You got some great pictures! I wonder what kind of bird that is? So sad that the eggs didn't hatch.

    The summer that we remodeled our kitchen. We cleaned buckets out in the yard and we let them drain down toward the pine trees. There was something about grout that attracted so many pretty butterflies! I haven't seen that many in one place since I went to the zoo.


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