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Monday, September 17, 2012

Holiday Figurines and Toppers

The Holidays are fast approaching and I am getting my Etsy Shop ready... Here are a few of the pieces you'll see when you visit Trina's Clay Creations:

Scarecrow Holding Sunflower
Inspired by a Scarecrow that I saw at a Fall Festival years ago in California, I created this one.  The scarecrow in the festival was standing and very tall, taller than me, and he was looking down at a huge Sunflower.  That Scarecrow was an entry in a Scarecrow contest and I can't remember if it was a winner, but I sure thought it should have been. 

  Elf Sitting on a Present
One day, while shopping at Michaels (one of my favorite places to shop), I found little wooden blocks.  I thought I could do something fun with them, so I purchased a few.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do... Then my muse visited, a vision came into my head... I thought of making a big beautifully wrapped (clay) present, then I thought it would be so cute to have a little elf sitting on top... So this piece came to life! 

Elf Wishing Peace
This little Elf is one of my favorite creations.  I'm not sure why... Maybe it's her sweet little face half hidden under her big hat, maybe it's the Christmas colors... The feel of the holiday, or maybe it's the message: Peace.

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  1. Love the little scarecrow! And the little girl elf is adorable too :)

  2. I remember being with you at the Fall Festival and seeing that scarecrow. What a fun memory. Your holiday figurines are awesome Trina.

  3. Oh! How adorable!
    I love the little elf girl with the peace message - and the scarecrow isn't scary at all, so cute!!

  4. Love the scarecrow!! Halloween always reminds me of my upcoming birthday :)

  5. Very cute pieces! I especially love the elves.


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