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Sunday, September 23, 2012

It Feels Like Fall!

Well, I've been wearing sweaters to work this past week, and as I drive around I notice that the trees are changing colors... Yes, it sure feels and looks like Fall!  I do love this time of year, with the cooler temperatures, the fun fall festivals, and the beautiful changing colors in the scenery... The smell in the air... Lovely!  They say the peek of the color change will be sooner (and maybe not as brilliantly colorful) than usual because of our mild winter and fairly dry summer.  I am hoping my Mom will be able to enjoy some of the changing colors when she is here from Texas for a visit. 

Well, it seems the little critters know the seasons are changing too, and have begun stocking up for winter.  We have big Black Walnut trees in our yard and a feast of walnuts are dropping to the ground, what lucky squirrels!  Sometime before we take our dogs out in the morning and whenever they are safely inside the house, those squirrels have a field day in the yard!  I took a few pictures of what they have left behind...  (Nice messes for us to clean up! But at least they are all gathered in a few places, instead of all over the yard.  Actually makes it easier on us! lol!)

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥  The other day, when I took Izzy and Emmi outside, one little squirrel didn't want to give up his 'food find' and stayed a bit too long on the tree stump pictured below... All I can say is GOOD thing squirrels can climb trees and dogs CAN'T!  :) 

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥  We found out Izzy doesn't like the sound that Hot Air Balloons make... One flew overhead the other day and she thought it was a little 'too close for comfort'!  I didn't get a picture of that one, but I did get a picture of this one and I sure enjoyed seeing it.  Izzy wasn't around at the time, and the balloon lingered over our yard for a bit, I'm sure she probably would have barked at it like crazy had she seen it too.

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  1. Yes Trina, my favourite season too! Greens, reds, oranges, browns.. warm earthy colours when the air gets a bit nippy!

    The swallows left a few days ago which certainly means it is sweater time!

    Enjoy this marvellous season :)

  2. I'll be seeing you in just a few days from now. Looking forward to the cooler weather and sitting out in your back yard.

    I love the pictures of the hot air balloons. I can see why Izzy doesn't like them. She must think they are going to invade her yard.

  3. Hi Trina,

    Love your hot air balloon photos, so beautiful. I've always wanted to take a ride. I know what ya mean, squirrels are running wild here too. When I'm out walking the dogs, nuts are constantly hitting the ground. LOL

    Enjoy your nice fall weather.


  4. I've broke out the jeans and sweaters here too!
    Great shots of the air balloon!

  5. So happy for fall & I am excited to be seeing fall posts like this!

  6. Trina, that is something else! It's so cool to see the evidence of little life like that. Enjoy the weather for us still in the heat.

    I hope your mom has a wonderful visit and I am sure she will enjoy it.

    Blessings to you Trina!


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