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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Dragon Wedding Keepsake...

Here it is, after the sneak peeks, it's all finished, and my customer's are very happy with it, which makes me very happy!!!  They were married over a year ago and wanted a special keepsake to display in their home, and here it is!  The dragon is about 8" wide, 8" long, and 4" tall...

When my customers received the Dragon Keepsake, they sent me this sweet email:

"OH Trina it is so BEAUTIFUL!! We just love it! All the little details are just perfect. 
I don't have the words to tell you how happy we are with our keepsake. 
I will make sure to show as many people as possible and let them 
know who to go to if they ever need something like this done."

Receiving emails and feedback like this is what makes what I do even more worthwhile!  I appreciate every one of my customers, and enjoy every second of creating these wonderful and special pieces!

Here are some pictures from the Sneak Peeks, as I was creating it...  

The Dragon

 The Dragon with the Bride and Groom
The back view
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  1. This is such a neat piece with so much detail! And what great feedback.I bet that made your day...I know it made me smile :)

  2. You outdid yourself on this one! Very well done...all the details are amazing. Isn't it nice to get such wonderful feedback from customers??

  3. That is such an amazing piece! WOW! so are the people a replica of the ones that order it? how cool!

  4. It is always wonderful to get that feedback! Congrats on such a successful order. It turned out beautifully.

  5. You have outdone yourself in this Dragon keepsake. Gorgeous from nose to tail and the happy couple are so magnificently detailed. It's no wonder they are so thrilled. KUDOS!

  6. that is amazing...awesome...
    wonderful...amazing...oh I said that already. :0)
    it really is something.

  7. WOW! . . .what a wonderful creative piece to celebrate the day.

  8. Of course your customers would be happy, it looks awesome! They will definitely enjoy looking at that for years to come.

  9. So gorgeous Trina! Fantastic work!

  10. It is spectacular and very deserving of the raving compliments!


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