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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Holiday Sampling...

A sampling of Christmas Ornaments and Gifts that 
you can find in my Etsy Shop:   

Christmas Ornament, Polymer Clay, Red and Green Rope, Love Ornament
Love Ornament

Christmas Ornament, Polymer Clay, Snowman Ornament 
Snowman with an Ice Cream Cone Ornament 

Elf Wishing Peace

Rocking Horse Ornament, Polymer Clay Horse, Christmas Ornament, Child's First Christmas
Baby's First Christmas Rocking Horse Ornament

When visiting Trina's Clay Creations, you can also find 
wonderful gifts, like this little Boy Figurine!  
A great keepsake to commemorate the first years of school!

I created this for my darling nephew.  He started kindergarten 
this year and he LOVES Spiderman!

I can personalize one for you special little one!
To see other fun keepsakes Click HERE

Trinket Boxes and Vases make great gifts to give someone special!  
Here are a few you can find in my Shop:

Polymer Clay Dragonfly Trinket Box
Dragonfly Trinket Box

Polymer Clay and Glass Strawberry Vase
Strawberry Vase

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥  Thank you so much for visiting today, and for checking out all the gift ideas in my Etsy Shop!  Happy Holiday Shopping to all!  


  1. Your Christmas Ornaments are awesome!!
    Little Charlie has his figurine sitting on his dresser. It is so adorable and looks just like him!

  2. Your little elf is just adorable! And I love how you can personalize the rocking horse too!

  3. Your Christmas ornaments and trinkets are so cute! I love the little elf girl holding the peace bauble :)

  4. Very cute Christmas collection. I love the snowman and the elf, particularly. You have lots of wonderfully different gift items in your shop!

  5. I so enjoyed that chance to re-visit (and in some cases just plain visit) your wonderful work. I started out thinking I would figure out my favorites but that's impossible. They're ALL so special....as is the artist who makes them.

  6. I thank each of you so much for your kind words about my work! I'm so glad to know that you like my holiday creations!! Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season!!!! :)


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