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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That Look...

Oh my goodness... Some days, well ALL days actually, it's so difficult to leave the house with this little one looking at you!  When we have to leave and she has to stay, she can really pour on the guilt with THAT LOOK!  But she forgives us for having to leave her home, and she wiggles and waggles and is so excited when she sees us again!  It's like she hasn't seen us in many, many days!!  In fact, if we leave the room for just a little bit, we get that same wiggly reaction when we return!  LOL!  Dear sweet Emmi!  Don't our babies bring us lots of joy and love?!  :)  

As you can tell, she spends a lot of time laying on the back of the couch looking out the window... It's her favorite place to spend time.  There are a lot of birds, chipmunks, squirrels... And living here, there's also a lot of raccoons, opossum, bunnies... Izzie and Emmi keep each other company while we are out, and they keep busy watching out for critters.  Izzie's not allowed on the couch, but she jumps right up there when no-one is looking and then jumps right down when someone re-enters the room.  She thinks she has us fooled, but her white hair gives her away every time!  That look Emmi gives us... We always get a similar look from Izzie when we leave the house, but we don't get the same wiggly reaction when we get home, she just barks, and boy that one can bark LOUD!

Yup, that's Izzie's LOOK! 

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  1. Harley makes it hard to leave too! He's right at the door barking at us asking us not to leave! But we get that same sweet wiggle when we return :) He has the happiest little smile!
    Your furbabies are adorable :)

  2. Penny being a half sister to your Emmi has the same exact look on her sweet little face too. You forgot to mention the skunks and I'm sure you wanted to forget about them after Izzie's run-in with one. LOL

  3. Those pics just make me smile! My pound puppy loves when I work from home and lays by my feet all day. Puppy love!

  4. What sweet and adorable "fur persons" you have in your life!

  5. It's so wonderful to have that unconditional love from our pets! I have a very old dog who gets a bit of separation anxiety when I leave for any amount of time. She follows me wherever I go in the house. Your babies are precious!

  6. You are so right! While I'm running about getting ready for work, Bubba will follow me around with one of his toys in his mouth. I always say, "Oh Bub, I really wish I could stay home and play toys with you all day." But he knows I can't.

    They sure do add so much to our lives.

    Oh yah, during the summer we use a white bedspread and it's one of my Punkie's favorite place to lay. Yes, I keep my fur grabber right there on the nightstand to brush it away several times a day.



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