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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Delicate, Beautiful and Inspirational!

Oh the things I find on Pinterest!  I wanted to share some of the beauty and inspiration with you!  First, pinned on my 'Sculptures and Statues' board, is this incredible Sculpture...

Sculpted from one block of marble -The Veiled Vestal Virgin - 
Raffaele Monti, 1847 ~ The veil looks amazing and delicate!


This beautiful bench is pinned on my 'In the Garden' board...

Source: bien.hu via Trina on Pinterest

I just love this mosaic bench!  
Perfect tucked among the flowers in a special spot in the garden!


I am inspired by the amazing animal photographs I see!
Here's one that I pinned on my 'Incredible Animals' board...

Source: None via Trina on Pinterest

I love this photograph of the Zebra! By: Cyril Lidoine
Please note:  This photograph was originally pinned to Pinterest by someone without proper credit given to the photographer, Cyril Lidoine.  I re-pinned this awesome photograph without knowing there was no original source attached to the picture.  When I was fairly new to Pinterest, I blogged about the amazing artwork and photographs I found there, and I included this Zebra photo.  Once I realized there was not an original source attached to this photograph, and I found the name of the photographer, I made sure to add his name and website link to his photograph. 
My apologies to Cyril Lidoine, the photographer who took this photo, for not realizing his Zebra photograph was not properly sourced!  

You can read more about what I have learned about Pinterest HERE:  


And then there are things that make me smile.  
Sweet and precious moments captured in a picture...

Source: flickr.com via Trina on Pinterest
By Queen's Lace
This reminds me of when my daughter and her daddy 
practiced dancing for the 'Father ~ Daughter' dance 
at her school when she was little... So sweet!


I love this, so I just had to pin it when I saw it! :)

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  1. I was entranced by that statue when I saw it on Pinterest. I can't believe how he sculpted the veil. I think that Pinterest has brought more joy into my life because I love looking at all the beautiful things in one place.

  2. That is exactly why I love Pinterest so much also Diane! I love looking at all the beautiful things in one place, and I've gotten some great ideas and feel so inspired by all that I see! :)

  3. The only problem with Pinterest is that I can't stop looking and pinning and looking and pinning some more. I love it!

  4. LOL Mom!! Yup, that's definitely the problem! :)

  5. What great pictures. I WANT that bench. So beautiful!

  6. Thank you Sher! I want that bench too!! :) It's beautiful!


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