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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Izzie and Lacey... Best Friends!

It was a beautiful day, sunny finally!  There is still a chill in the air, hasn't gotten much past the high 60's yet.  Isabella and I spent a nice morning outside, we walked around enjoying the fresh air, and then I realized she wasn't by my side anymore... I had to laugh when I looked over at her and saw where she was!!  We have several big trees in the middle of our yard, they don't have their leaves in full bloom yet because spring has only just begun here.  Anyway, Izzie found the only bit of shade there was in the entire great big yard... The little bit of shade provided by the big branches of the still nearly bare trees!! I was anxious to finally be outside in the sunshine... But Izzie, she looked for the shade!

Izzie LOVES to visit her cousin and best friend Lacey!!  They still enjoy their weekly play date, and Izzie gets so excited when we say; "Do you want to go see Lacey?!"  Her ears perk up and she runs toward the door and can't wait to jump in the car and go.  From the moment Izzie gets to Lacey's house, the two of them start playing (most times before Izzie is even fully out of the car ~ LOL!) and they completely wear themselves and each other out!  Once she's back home, Izzie is tired for the rest of the day and into the next day!  Yes, life is great when you have such fun with your best friend!!

We brought Izzie with us to Lacey's house for Mother's Day and while we were enjoying a nice dinner together the girls romped and played.  They spent time dipping into the pond, playing tug-of-war with the big red ball/rope toy and wrestling around with their teeth showing, like they meant business!  They are two of the sweetest dogs and wouldn't hurt a flea... They look and sound like they are rough with each other, but they are pretty gentle!  It's fun to watch them, they love each other!

In the next picture, Izzie (on the left) and Lacey (on the right) are having a moment of "down time" because they are waiting patiently for a yummy treat!  Aren't they such good girls!! :)

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  1. It looks like George was in on the fun too. Great pictures Trina.

  2. Yes, George sure did join in on the fun! Glad you enjoyed the pictures Mom!

  3. Yes George sure did join in on the fun!! So glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures Mom! :)

  4. Great photos and such sweet girls!:) I love when 2 animals are best friends! And the photo of Izzie trying to "fit" in the shade is so cute:) Smart girl!:)

  5. Thank you Mercedes!! I'm happy you enjoyed my post and pictures today!! It was so cute how Izzie tried to "fit" in the shade... And it wasn't like it was hot outside either, in fact it was quite cool! :) She is smart, I agree!


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