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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She Dreamt She Could Fly

It's Treasury Tuesday and I had such fun putting this one together!!  Great items by all!!

On trails of dreams,
with crimson sails,
by way of memories,
with open wings.
High above the mountain tops,
with mixes of snow and rain drops,
soaring, within my sleep,
up over willows as they weep.
Down to the ground,
with milling people all around,
in the wind and clouds surround,
amongst nature's sound.
I'm flying.
April Self

Picked by Trina's Clay Creations

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  1. Wonderful treasury, Trina! As always :)

  2. Love all this stuff Trina. You have such a great eye :)

  3. Thank you both Gayl and Lena, so much! Very glad you enjoyed! These treasuries are fun to put together and I am so inspired by the artwork!! My hope is that my visitors are inspired too!! :)


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