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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Favorite Poem...

I have this poem hanging in my studio...
I thought I'd share it here today.
In keeping with the theme of the poem, 
I also thought I would include a couple 
of pictures of my clay artwork.

Rainy Day Fun


Walk in the rain,
Smell flowers,
Stop along the way,
Build Sandcastles,
Go on field trips,
Find out how things work,
Tell stories, 
Say the magic words,
Trust the universe.
 A poem by Bruce Williamson


 Playing at the Beach

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥ I think this poem is inspiring.  A good way to approach each day! 

My figurines: 'Rainy Day Fun' and 'Playing at the Beach' are part of my Seasons Collection.  You can see more about them, and the rest of my collection, in the Holidays/Seasons Section of my Etsy Shop.

Thank you for visiting!!


  1. What a beautiful poem! and I ♥ your beach and rainy day creations!

  2. Such a wonderful poem and your figurines are perfect to go with it.

  3. Thank you Amy! :) I'm dreaming of those summer days!!

  4. Thank you Mom! I thought those two figurines were perfect for this poem too! :)

  5. Hello Trina!
    I love this poem...if a person could follow this every day, the sky would be the limit, huh? Thank you for the inspiration...xo!
    p.s...the figurines are so, so, sweet!

  6. Hi Tina,

    I'm glad you're inspired by the poem!! :) I agree, if a person could follow this every day... The sky would be the limit!

    Thank you for the compliment on my figurines too! :)


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