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Friday, February 22, 2013

Etsy Finds Friday - A Few of my Favorites

It's **Etsy Finds Friday**
Today I am featuring 
a few of my Favorites!

I have many favorites that I find on Etsy!  Today I'm featuring a few of them, 
kind of a random mix of items.  Be sure to visit each of these wonderful 
shops to see more of their awesome creations!

 I love the texture of this locket, it's such a unique piece!
Unique Leafy Textures Adorn This Beautiful Slide Locket
  Hand-carved Leafy Pattern Covers This One-of-a-Kind Pendant Locket
Created by:  Visual Twists 

Kitties always love to snuggle up inside things, this bed is perfect!
Cat bed/cat house/cat cave/ houseleek felted cat bed 
 Handmade felt cat bed from 100% merino wool
Created by:  Elevele

This Rabbit has such a sweet face, with those big eyes!
Found the new house.   Small rabbit  "Stepic"
Small Rabbit ~ Stepic
Created by:  Mila Dream

I love this sweet little Wool and Copper Bird Brooch!
Brooch Dove made of wool and copper, pretty dove brooch, felt bird 
Dove Brooch
Created by:   Iren Adler

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥ Thank you for stopping by for my Etsy Finds Friday post!!  Please stay tuned for next Friday's Find... It could be YOU! :)   Happy Friday!!   


  1. Wow! That locket is incredible! The brooch is a cool multimedia creation, too. I never would have thought to combine wire and felt.

  2. I'm so sorry about the string of comments that say "removed by author," if they're showing up for you. My internet glitched up and then posted the same comment like 8 times! I don't know what happened and I wasn't trying to spam you!

  3. That cat-bed looks so comfy, makes me wish I was a cat.

  4. Every one of these are awesome! The locket is so unusual, it reminds me of a medieval piece. Beautiful creations by all.

  5. Oh my, my kitties now have that cat bed on their "want" list! He looks so comfy! Love the dove brooch too -- like Natasha, I like the combo of wire and felt.

  6. What a lovely and diverse group of finds! I really think the copper wire Dove is special. TFS!

  7. Thank you, Trina! I very glad to see my bird in your blog and very very glad to meet you:)

  8. Love the birdie brooch! And that kitty looks so comfy :)

  9. I was going to leave a comment that is almost identical to Edi's comment. Great minds think alike!

  10. the birdie brooch is cute and I like the cat photo.

  11. I look forward to your Friday Finds...they are all great, but the eyes on that rabbit? too cute.

  12. Great finds! What cat wouldn't love that bed? It's perfect! Also loving the bird at the bottom. I've never seen anything like it before. Like the mix of wire and fiber.


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