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Friday, June 24, 2011

Etsy Finds Friday - Debbie Nelson

It's **Etsy Finds Friday**
Today I am featuring the Incredible
Polymer Clay Sculptures ~ created by:
 Debbie Nelson
of Dinglebee Creations

Debbie developed a love of art and painting over 45 years ago. As a young girl she would draw and paint when time allowed. When she was in her senior year of high school she was very excited to take the painting class that was offered and then after graduation she put her love of art on the back burner. Debbie now lives on a small farm in Northern Minnesota called the Dinglebee and has two grown wonderful boys who are in college and her husband Mark is a custom home builder in the area. After 30 years Debbie picked her paint brushes out of the dust and started to paint wall murals for local people and also some of the businesses in the area. She has now discovered not only painting again, but the love of clay sculptures, glass painting, canvas, wall murals, .. and the list goes on.

Polymer clay has opened a new door for Debbie and she loves it as much as she does painting. She is a self taught artist in most all the mediums that she works with and is a amateur doll maker. Debbie started a collection of Gnomes out of this clay and hopes to continue making them, and now has branched into fairies with music boxes, and Christmas elves . Many of Debbie's items are not in her Etsy Shop as they are in local stores.

Gnomes and Fairies Gnome and Fairy Title How Do You Do
Gnome and Fairy Music Box

 Gnomes and Fairies Gnome and Fairy Title How Do You Do

This one of kind music box is hand made by Debbie Nelson. This whimsical sculpture will spark that imagination that some of us have lost. It plays music (The Waltz Of The Flowers) by turning the base of sculpture and then the top of mushroom rotates. The gnome and fairy are hand sculpted from polymer clay and fired at a high temp. With his wild brown hair and real kike eyes, this gnome stands on top of The mushroom which is a olive wood bowl that Debbie sanded and finished with two different stains. In his hand is the dainty hand of the little fairy he has just met. His coat is of blue wool his hat is red velvet. Fabrics are hand sewn and glued from all different textures and embellishments of leather and beads, sparkles and trim. The base, which holds the music instrument, is of a cedar wood that is hand made, stained and sealed.

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥ Below are more of Debbie's wonderful Sculptures.  Click on the titles of each, to read more about them and to visit her Etsy Shop.  Debbie also has her beautiful hand painted vases and wine glasses listed in her shop. 


Fairy Fairies Tooth Fairy Doll By Debbie Nelson

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  1. Such adorable creations. Thank you for sharing such wonderful talent!

  2. Oh, wow, her work is adorable. Such whimsical little creatures!

  3. I am blown away. Those little guys are too cute!

  4. I'm so glad you all have enjoyed seeing Debbie Nelson's amazing work! Thank you for your comments! :)


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