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Monday, June 6, 2011

Part 18 - The Polymer Clay Artwork of the PCETeam

Welcome to my 18th post featuring the amazing polymer clay artwork created by six of the members of our PCETeam on Etsy!!  The diversity in creativity and style is wonderful!!  Enjoy, and be sure to check out their Etsy Shops to see more of their wonderful items.
Summer flower earrings- Free gift wrap, handmade with love from Europe
 Summer Flower Earrings
By: Bloomy Jewelry

Polymer Clay Flowers  and Butterfly Hair Barrette 
Polymer Clay Flowers and Butterfly Hair Barrette
By: ClayBeadsAndMore

Classic Polymer Clay Gnome 
Classic Polymer Clay Gnome
By: Just Peachy Designs

Creepy Crawly Garden Critters Snails Caterpillars Ladybugs and a Slug FIMO and Sculpey
Creepy Crawly Garden Critters
By: Fluttering Flowers

Six Stunning Satin Nickel Polymer clay Cabinet Knobs
Six Stunning Satin Nickel Polymer Clay Cabinet Knobs
By: GloryWorks

Clay Animal Cupcake / Cake Topper - Lion
Lion - Clay Animal Cupcake / Cake Topper
By: JadeStone1

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥ Thank you for visiting, please stop by again for post number nineteen in my series, featuring more of our PCETeam members!!  Wishing you a Happy Day!!  


  1. Wow! Cute stuff!
    Thanks for including my creepy crawlies!

  2. So proud of our PCETeam members. They are so talented.

  3. So beautiful artwork! :)
    Thanks for including my Summer Flower Earrings! :)

  4. Poe ~ You're welcome! Your Creepy Crawlies are so bright and colorful! Fun! :)

    Zane ~ You're so very welcome! Summer Flower Earrings are so pretty!

    Thank you for following my blog! I hope you'll find lots of inspiration here! :)

  5. Mom, I agree... Lots of wonderful talent on our PCETeam!

  6. Thanks Tina!
    I'm honored to be featured on your
    Blog today.Lots of talent here today and always!
    Lin @gloryworks

  7. You're welcome Lin!! Your work is wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!! Thanks :)

  8. Hi Trina,
    Thanks so much for featuring my Butterfly Hair Barrette in this fantastic selection. I am very honored.

    Blog reaaders,if you use the coupon code TREASURY1 at checkout you will receive a 10% discount on all my items.

  9. You're so very welcome Penny, it was my pleasure to feature your work! Your Butterfly Hair Barrette is lovely! :)

  10. What adorable pieces, especially the earrings and the bear!

    Love your blog!

  11. OOPS! I said bear....I meant lion! Need to get my animals straight.

  12. Hi Sher, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing these great pieces! And I'm glad you enjoy my blog too!! :) Thank you!

  13. Thank You so much for including my Gnome with all these amazing creations!

  14. You're welcome LuckyKitty19!! Your Gnome is so cute!


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