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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Isabella and the Stick...

Our dog Izzie LOVES being outside, she loves all the critters she can chase, (we live in the country and we have LOTS of critters that romp in our yard) she loves running through the creek at the back of our property, she loves watching the birds and she loves playing fetch with sticks.  Today I was watching her as she ran and played and suddenly she came around the corner with a stick and wanted to play fetch... Now our yard, and the creek area, is full of trees ~ all kinds of trees and there are sticks everywhere... Isabella chose this stick to play with today! 

I should call it a small tree. LOL! 

Izzie brought the stick to me and thought I would throw it to her, just like any other stick... How I laughed at her.  

We have a fire-pit in our yard, we love to sit around the fire on summer evenings, enjoying the cool evening breeze.  We usually have sticks and wood thrown in the fire-pit for our next bonfire... George gathers the sticks and puts them in there before he and our son do the yard work each week.  One other 'favorite' thing Izzie loves to do is to take the sticks out of the fire-pit and drag them (and leave them) all over the yard!

Yup, to Izzie this fire-pit is a 'toy box'! LOL!!

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  1. That stick (LOL) is bigger than Izzie! How cute she is hauling it around.

  2. LOL!!! So very glad you both enjoyed reading about Izzie and her adventure with the 'stick'!!!

  3. Thanky you! I laughed out loud!
    Reminds me of Crocodile Dundee saying "now this is a knife"!!
    Now that is a STICK!!
    Cute dog that Izzie.

  4. That's funny Marie! It is much like that scene from Crocodile Dundee! Great movie... Thanks right back to you, for the laugh! :)

  5. I agree Trina - it's NOT a stick....it's a TREE! What a great dog.

  6. LOL Katie! She really is a great dog, such a sweetie! :)


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